The Team


Celeste Bruce

Celeste Bruce established Soul Pilates in South Melbourne in 2001, and has overseen the blossoming of the studio’s reputation as a centre of Pilates excellence.

Celeste studied dance for many years both in Australia and the United States, and has travelled widely teaching body conditioning and anatomy and physiology for dancers, as well as delivering community lectures on osteoarthritis, scoliosis, osteoporosis and disease prevention from a Pilates perspective.

With over a decade of experience as a qualified Pilates instructor, she is certified with the Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA) and Polestar Pilates, and has been on the board of the APMA as chairperson for the education committee.

While specialising in dance and sports conditioning, Celeste’s continuing ambition is to educate and encourage all people to exercise more wisely, for the benefit of the mind, the body and the spirit.



Sally Rochlin

Sally has a true passion for Pilates.

As a professional musician (completing a Bachelor of Music in 2008), she found the demands of long hours of playing with need to restore functional balance to muscles exceedingly apparent.

Sally successfully completed the CTTC with Body Arts and Science International, teaches Pilates in Melbourne as well as attending regular workshops and master classes.

Her aim is to assist clients to incorporate Pilates in everyday life, so each movement is executed with better alignment, efficiency, and ease.



Clare Pontonio

Clare discovered the affects of body awareness and the amazing benefits through attending regular Pilates studio sessions.

Originally from a hospitality background as a general manager in a well-known, bustling hotel, Clare followed her passion for Pilates and acquired a qualification through the Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA).

Clare keeps up to date with new and exciting practices of the Pilates Method by attending regular workshops, conferences and courses, always looking to add to and improve on her level of skill, experience and knowledge, ensuring she provides the highest standard of instruction possible.

Clare enjoys working with a variety of clients to achieve their health and fitness goals.



Sydney Henry

Sydney was born in British Columbia, Canada, where she began her dance studies at Goh Ballet and further continued at Northern Ballet in the U.K for three years.

In 2010 Sydney changed her classical focus direction to contemporary, joining Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, in Israel for the dance journey program.

Sydney was introduced to Pilates over 10 years ago. As a dancer Sydney fell in love with the classical Pilates method of balanced body, mind and spirit.

In 2013 studied Pilates under Veronica McClurg and Matilda Christensen, and graduated from the Teacher Training Program of The Pilates Center, Boulder Colorado.

Sydney enjoys teaching a wide range of clients.



Haggar Nedder

Haggar had been teaching Pilates for the past two and a half years in classical Pilates studios in Israel before relocating with her husband to Melbourne.

Haggar has studied classical pilates in Israel and also very eager to learn and evolve as a teacher, attends regular workshops to keep herself up to date.

Haggar is a gifted instructor and specialises in strength and conditioning with athletes.




May I introduce myself: My name is Lenny (the wonder dog) and I belong to Celeste (as a Yorkshire Terrier, I love lots of cuddles from everyone).

I adore meeting and greeting everyone coming into the Studio before class. I only watch the many different exercises humans need to do to remain strong and fit for life as part of their Pilates Practice.

All I need are walks, sleep, food and love.

My birthday is coming up soon, 7 years young and I look forward to many treats.